Information Governance Breakfast Briefing at ILTACON 2019

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Find us at The Gateway to Information Governance

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The upcoming ARMA New York Chapter Spring Conference is titled, “The Gateway to Information Governance” — a great metaphor for how the records and information management field has evolved.

Information Governance Trends - 2018 and Beyond

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As we look back at 2018, we reflect on a few key findings in ILTA’s 2018 Technology Survey with regard to information governance and records management, which show continued focus and growth in these areas across the 431 firms who responded:

Is Your Law Firm Leveraging Information Governance to Protect Data?

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Find Out By Asking 7 Essential Questions

Recently, law firm technology services group LogicForce published “Law Firm Cyber Security Scorecard,” a bi-annual report on the current state of the industry’s security preparedness. Their findings indicate law firms have come far, but they still have a long way to go if they want to protect their client data from security breaches. After analyzing the data, LogicForce gave the legal industry only 42% on its cyber security health. That’s a concerning statistic.

The 6 Biggest Information Governance Challenges Law Firms Face Today

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Defining IG for Law Firms

Information governance means different things to different people. Recently, when leading industry organization IGI (Information Governance Initiative) asked its community members to help it define the term, respondents agreed that there are a wide range of activities that fall under the umbrella of IG. Those activities are by the chart below from the Information Governance Initiative 2014 Annual Report.

GDPR Compliance Starts With Information Governance

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As the deadline for GDPR implementation edges closer, discussions about compliance are mostly focused on how to ensure organizations have permission to use the data they’re collecting and processing. This makes sense in the light of today’s data-driven world, in which seemingly every part of our digital lives is tracked and stored. According to Gartner, data is growing 40-60% year over year.

However, discussions often fail to address the challenges organizations will face when it comes to securing and managing records and data after they have been collected. And this is important. GDPR introduces many new requirements for how personal information pertaining to EU citizens can be stored and processed. GDPR covers a wide range of data issues, such as the right to be forgotten; the right to data access; privacy impact assessments; data protection by design; and information security. 

Information Governance for Law Firms – How FileTrail Automates IG (Part 3)

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A few weeks ago, we launched a 3-part article series about information governance (IG) for law firms. Every year, IG is getting more complex. As a result, even when law firms successfully launch IG programs they are often unable to follow through on implementation. High overhead costs and detailed manual procedures mean that compliance with IG policies isn’t 100%—or even followed at all. This leaves many firms at risk.