Why Information Governance for Law Firms is Becoming More Complex (Part 1)

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Leading Expert Patrick Tisdale Has Some Answers

Recently, I had a conversation with Patrick Tisdale on the topic of information governance (IG) at law firms today. Tisdale’s expertise is impressive. Prior to founding Tees River Consulting, he was the CKO of Dentons and CIO of McKenna, Long and also CIO at Orrick. Here’s a transcript of our conversation, which delves deep into how and why information governance is more complex than ever. He also has some answers about how to fix your IG processes and procedures if they're broken.

Future-Proof Your Law Firm's Records Management Software at Intapp Inception

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Trending Topics and Patrick Tisdale Talks.  Don't Miss Out.

We’re excited about attending the upcoming Intapp Inception, San Francisco conference May 15th - 18th, 2017. The agenda promises many interesting discussions about the latest innovations in records management and information governance.

Friday Webinar:  Replacing LegalKEY or ARM/FileSurf?

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Replacing a Records Management System does require homework.

As you probably know, LegalKEY and ARM/FileSurf are being sunsetted, which means soon they'll no longer be supported. Don't get caught without a records management solution that sets you up for future success.

To help you with the homework mentioned above, that is replacing LegalKEY or ARM/Filesurf; the information governance experts at InOutsource are hosting a webinar this Friday April 28, 9AM - 10AM PT. During their presentation they'll demonstrate our 100% browser-based solution, which they stand behind as the most advanced records management platform for law firms.

Currency of the Digital Age & Records Management Software

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Does your Records Management System let you be a good steward of your company's informational assets?

Hot Topics - GLA ARMA:  Future-Proofing Records Management Systems

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We're excited about the upcoming ARMA LA conference on April 20, 2017. This year's conference theme is focused on evolving technologies and keeping RIM (records information management) relevant.

In addition to the terrific lineup of seminars and events, we are especially looking forward to attending sessions that will be lead by our good friend Nancy Beauchamin.  We urge you to check out her talk on  CREATIVE RESOURCING FOR YOUR LAW FIRM IG PROGRAM.

Here's a summary of what you would hear if you attend.  

Checklist: Your Email Security and Document Management System

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Is Email Security Something You Really Need to Focus On?

In a word, yes.

Email is the number one platform cyber criminals use for scams due to the heavy reliance on emails for business communication. According to email security services providers, 90% of security attacks begin with an email. An email security company reported that their quarterly threat summary for the first quarter of 2016 showed that there has been a 66% increase in emails containing malicious attachments and URL's compared to the previous quarter in 2015. Compared to the corresponding period in 2015.

This represents a staggering 800% increase! News of security breaches have been all over the news recently, and according to reports, ransom-ware will reach $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2016. Hackers are now using whaling tactics, phishing scams targeted at high-level executives, in order to steal valuable information from their computers by issuing fake legal documents such as subpoenas or tricking them into wiring large sums of money. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whaling scams have led to over $2.3 billion in losses.

4 Ways Information Governance Software Makes Management Love You

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