Law Firms on NetDocuments are Deploying FileTrail to Enhance Information Governance

NetDocuments, Compliance, Information Governance Software

This week, FileTrail announced its latest collaboration with NetDocuments. The result is a new and improved integration between their two solutions to include information governance (IG) software. Today law firms of every size can now deploy a holistic IG solution for the management of all their NetDocuments files to guarantee compliance.

Information Governance for Law Firms - The Growing IG Problem (Part 1)

Compliance, information governance

This week, we’re launching a 3-part article series about information governance (IG) for law firms. Every year, IG is getting more complex. As a result, even when law firms successfully launch IG programs they are often unable to follow through on implementation. High overhead costs and detailed manual procedures mean that compliance with IG policies isn’t 100%—or even followed at all. This leaves many firms at risk.