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Loeb & Loeb Uses Proof of Concept to Choose FileTrail

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With news that ARM/FileSurf would no longer be developed, leaders at Loeb & Loeb (L&L) set out to replace its records management system. Ideally, the firm wanted a modern browser-based solution that supported its extensive compliance requirements.

Legaltech News Highlights FileTrail’s Article on IG Strategies

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Recently, our CEO Darrell Merveau wrote an article about how law firms can effectively execute IG strategy: Having an IG Policy Isn't Enough: Strategies for IG Execution. These days, information governance for law firms is a major topic of concern across the industry, which explains why Legaltech News published it on the front page of its newsletter.

Most firms understand they need to invest time and resources into developing policies and procedures to manage the vast amounts of information in their possession. However, properly executing IG policies comes with numerous difficulties.

New LegalKEY Updates Create a Stir in the Records Management Space


Recently FileTrail announced the release of several new features that make it easier for firms to switch from LegalKEY to FileTrail. Many of these features were developed because LegalKEY is no longer being updated to address current industry standards.

The records management industry has taken notice. Last week, Legaltech News published an in-depth article detailing our latest interface updates and features, which meet the demands of long-time LegalKEY users. The article also provides an analysis of why users would make the switch to FileTrail.

FileTrail News Gets a Mention on ILTACON17's Blog


Attending ILTACON 2017 has been a tremendous experience. Getting noticed on Day One in the conference's "News and Views" blog has been really nice boost too. Check out the blurb about FileTrail here.

FileTrail's New Information Governance Solution Announced at ILTACON

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News about FileTrail's latest information governance (IG) innovation is spreading quickly. Soon after launch, our newest Information Governance Solution--FileTrail Enterprise Retention (FER)--is getting major attention from some pretty big players. Most recently, the folks at ILTACON wrote a full article about FER.